What People Are Saying About NIA & THE NUMBERS GAME



“Nia & the Numbers Game is such a straight forward book! As an adult I enjoyed reading it and will recommend it to all my family and friends who are raising daughters. I wish this had been available for me to give to my daughter.” – Maggie Harper

“Because it’s written like a novel you really get to know Nia and feel like she is your friend. You’re glad at the end that she becomes a doctor and gets married because you knew her as a little girl! There are a lot of facts in this book, ranging from health to education such as how to apply for college. It’s a medical book, a storybook and a lifestyle book, especially aimed at the African-American teen, so it’s quite unique.” –GOODREADS: Annabelle Troy rated it it was amazing

“As a father of a daughter, I think it is extremely important to highlight women like Dr. Kela who are strong advocates for teenage girls especially in today’s climate with the social media and dysfunctional reality show culture.” – Ryan McCrary, McCrary Financial Solutions

“Nia & the Numbers Game should be added to the required reading list for every middle school and high school student.  I absolutely loved reading this book.  It covers issues that teenage girls experience with such an intelligent and nurturing tone. After reading the first chapter, I said to myself, “This is brilliant!!!” I kept reading and before I knew it, I had completed Chapter 8. This will be the book that young ladies refer to again and again about things that are going on in their lives. It will also be the book that parents, teachers, care givers, aunts, etc. reach for when they need reinforcement and guidance.” – T. Miller

“I read your wonderful book. It was well worth the wait. I read it on two levels, first as a parent and then as a public health educator who has worked in this area. As a parent, everything was on point. You captured the experience of a young black female as she passed through different stages of growth. The information was always appropriate for the age and stage of the protagonist. As a health educator, I see the book as a tool parents can use to understand the issues that teenagers must now navigate. I loved reading it thank you so much.” – N. Bradford, M.S.

“Dr. Kela,  I have received my book order & will be shipping to my daughters. I want to thank you for listening to your calling & sharing this. It is a quick yet powerful read. I completely appreciate this book as it will help with conversations with my daughters. Thank you.” – K. Cross

“I just finished your book and it is excellent.  I couldn’t put it down.  I think it should be required reading for all schools.”  – E. Hurt

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