What People Are Saying About NIA & THE NUMBERS GAME







I read your wonderful book. It was well worth the wait. I read it on two levels, first as a parent and then as a public health educator who has worked in this area. As a parent, everything was on point. You captured the experience of a young black female as she passed through different stages of growth. The information was always appropriate for the age and stage of the protagonist. As a health educator, I see the book as a tool parents can use to understand the issues that teenagers must now navigate. I loved reading it thank you so much. – N. Bradford, M.S.

Dr. Kela,  I have received my book order & will be shipping to my daughters. I want to thank you for listening to your calling & sharing this. It is a quick yet powerful read. I completely appreciate this book as it will help with conversations with my daughters. Thank you. – K Cross

I just finished your book and it is excellent.  I couldn’t put it down.  I think it should be required reading for all schools.  –E. Hurt

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