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HEALTH WATCH:Doctor and Columbus native seeks to motivate teens into becoming healthier beings

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Making an Impact in Her Community & Beyond!

Meet Dr. Kela Henry, Author “Nia & The Numbers Game”

Dr. Kela Henry is a Southern physician with strong ties to her community. Aside from running her successful practice, where she supports healthy diets, exercise, and holistic healing whenever possible, Dr. Henry is passionate about the health of teenage girls and believes in giving back to organizations which focus on the education and empowerment of this demographic. She enjoys teaching and speaking with girls as early as their freshman year in high school, inspiring them to start thinking about the process of applying for college or vocational school.

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Dr. Kela Mission Statement:

“My mission is to inspire and motivate teenage girls to own their education and to find resources they need to have the life they dream of living no matter what their circumstances.”

From Dr. Kela: People often ask me why I started BTH Creations, my book imprint. Here is the answer. 

Books are important because I believe reading, unlike watching TV, actively engages the mind.   A well-written book can inform, inspire, intrigue, or excite the reader. The pages of a well-written story can transport you to foreign or fantasy lands, tickle you to the point of a good belly laugh, and educate you about various subjects.  There is just so much useful information to be found in books, and reading is good brain exercise!

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